Attention: Conservatives

In times like the Haiti disaster, we are often pushed to the limits of our social conveniences that our true underlying nature bursts through. Warring neighbors can come together to allay a threat from “outside” them. Or, as in the case of Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson we see this elicits ever darker and danker manifestations of hatred toward the human race than their every day vitriol can produce.

Your leaders, your conservative leaders hate human beings. The very idea that Pat Robertson speaks for Jesus by heartlessly/mindlessly trying to evoke their God’s judgment into utter devastation, is shameless and disgusting. Rush, I expect it from him, but he is the conservatives favorite buffoon and they have proven that he speaks for them by pedal stooling his vomitatious, bigoted, drug addled brain.

Why do you all hate human beings? Is it that you are so mentally ill that you don’t see that you look like total assholes to the rest of the world when you say stupid shit like that? I feel sorry for you. You are so mentally ill to believe that you are a good person who says people of YOUR GODS earth deserve to die in chaos. That is a special kind of asshole. I hope you find your God, and I hope he finds you too.

I am familiar with his legend of wrath and trust me, he is not going to like what you are doing. Hey Pat, put down the spoon, and Rush, you too.


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