War, what is it good for?

I love JS. But he seemed a tad and I know it was in effort to extract, but somewhat obsequious. I feel terrible saying it. He has to do what he has to do.

But this is what i would want to say…

Why does 25th episode prove we need troops in Pakistan? What happened or will happen in Yemen?

What kind of plan are you making for peace? Wouldn’t more diplomacy be better than more soldiers?  If the world broke out in peace tomorrow, and he found himself out of a job, what would he do? (I would love to hear that response.)

Yes, we should support the wounded and regardless of our distaste for wars (we don’t actually love them do we?) we should appreciate those who fight. But what are we doing to prevent less casualties? Are we trying at all to envision peace where less troops will suffice? More more more soldiers he wants, more families to sacrifice, for what? Are we trying to develop peace so this is not all for naught? Are we??    Or is this just a perpetual game of RISK that ensures that you get paid?

All I am saying is, wouldn’t it be easier to prevent PTSD? What is the plan for that? Do you ever just shake your head at all the violence and trauma and turmoil war causes? Ever? or Never? Neither answer comforts me.

Some more questions should have been asked of the Admiral.

just sayin’

Hulu – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Wed, Jan 6, 2010 – Watch the full episode now..


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