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Wow, a logical approach–New jihad code threatens al Qaeda

New jihad code threatens al Qaeda –

Who’da thunk it?

This project has great risk. But a potential politically successful payout follows. We cannot BOMB this war out of existence. This is jihad. Just like the war within. Only those who know, know how to stop it.

Lets give it a try. Let us try REASON. Just once. Then I won’t ask no more.



File this under Really?!? ‘Sesame Street’ Ombudsman Says Fox News Parody ‘Should Have Been Resisted’ –

‘Sesame Street’ Ombudsman Says Fox News Parody ‘Should Have Been Resisted’ –


Favorite line: “sixty two percent of voters feel that “Sesame Street” has a liberal slant.”


Of course they do. Sesame Street is diverse, educational, and fun. Its got to be liberal.

And not to mention that Bert and Ernie have been living as domestic partners for years now.

Really? Really.

Really? You’re going after Sesame Street. Wow. Wish you had the same resolve to take down the Taliban.



Religious Hypocrisy at its finest. Sex tapes and gays gettin’ hitched.

Celebrity Video |

This is the woman who claims religious superiority over you and me, and gays who want to marry.

I mean, on one hand she is playing it off like a youthful indiscrection, but then i think, man, if you were young when you did that, I mean, that takes some brass ones. Kinky!!!! She not only looks really bad, but perhaps slutty since High School. Not the kind of person we want to be telling us about the sanctity of marriage, or the sanctity of anything really. Do we???

I KNOW I do NOT have a sex tape, solo or otherwise, out there. The loudest proponents of God, and detractors of freedom seem to have the BIGGEST skeletons in their closet.


This is Awesome!!! Book « Get High Now

Book « Get High Now.


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