Catch-22 What to do, what to do?

Pentagon bars release of photos allegedly showing detainee abuse –

You see, on one hand maybe it is not such a good idea to release these photos as they incriminate us as torturers. On the other, not releasing them incriminates us as torturers who cover up our deeds.

I understand why we should not release these photos. They make us look bad. But by saying, ‘we cannot release these photos, because they make us look bad’, still makes us look bad.

The real issue here is that we did do bad things. Else these photos would be heralded as proof that our interrogations worked to save the world. But they will never be that, will they?

America, if we do not own up to our mistakes, we will never be a super power again. We are done. You should just let this democracy crumble and start over with a new plan.

The behavior depicted in these photos represents us all. Hiding them only makes it worse.  But if we show them then the world will expect us to prosecute those involved and when we don’t we lose all credibility on the international stage.  That is, if we have any left.

If showcasing our actions makes our soldiers abroad less safe, then we need to reconsider our actions, let the world know that we will not stand for breaches in the Geneva Convention and that we are willing to do what is right.

It is not going to be easy. But if we sweep this under the rug, we will pay dearly in the end. We have officially become the terrorists here, no doubt about it.

Do what is right.


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