Healthcare Hypocrisy–Michele Bachmann’s ‘high stakes’ political game grows –

Michele Bachmann’s ‘high stakes’ political game grows –

Ok. Just so I am clear. Politicos, mostly Republicans, are telling us that OUR government, by whom they are ALL employed, is not capable of running health care.  They are saying that THEY can’t be trusted. Does this seem weird to anyone else???????

THEY don’t want US to be burdened with the same HEALTH CARE benefits THEY THEMSELVES receive that WE pay for.

If they do not believe in government run Health Care, then these guys should reject the care they receive at TAXPAYER’S cost.

These guys have health care at a governmental level, that we pay for with our taxes, but they DO NOT WISH to extend to us.

Then lower their wages. Do not provide them with healthcare. Let them get their own, and GIVE us our money back.

They have voted for COST OF LIVING increases for themselves, yet left us dry.

The hypocrisy is sickening.

Liars. Thieves. Jerks.


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