Bigotries and the Bigots that beget them

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I see through you like saran wrap. Your approach makes no sense. You are counter intuiting to the point of self charicaturization.

Hey you, holding the sign about the constitution belonging to the people, have you seen the Patriot Act?

Bound by the glory of fear and bigotry you march, because every step you take is running from that which scares you.

Your ignorance is all pervading and in a collective it only becomes stronger.

You say you want less government then you demand them to peek in our bedrooms and muscle in on our religious ceremonies.

You “want to save money” but only if it is taking away from the poor and given to the insurance companies.

You say you are “pro-life” but rally for war.

You say the BIBLE is the WORD of GOD, yet you are proposing an edit of it.

That is all telling.

If the Bible can be edited, what makes you think it hasn’t been already??? Word of God, yeah.

Sad really, pathetic mostly, hilarious often.


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