Crass. It is a defense mechanism.

Crass. It is a defense mechanism.  I sputter this and that explicative filled diatribe from an angst ridden place of perceived disenfranchisement.  What’s a girl to do?

I see it. Oh, yeah, I get it. I see the illusion and all the self propelled falsehoods we mire in daily. I am in it too. And when I get caught in the whirlwind, damn it. Damn it! Shoulda seen that coming. Idiot.

Oh, if I had the time to relate all that I see it would take eternity.

This is not an apology.

More like an elegy.

And that is why I curse. If I curse you I curse myself. I actually cursed myself, angry that I missed the signs pointing to collapse of trust and faith. I should know better. I should have seen that coming.  But I must forgive everyone, including myself. And I like cursing. It is the only part of language that still feels alive. Thanks to the 7 words.

Media bans only promote their excitement.

Sarcasm helps me cope.  People don’t like to be reminded that they are not doing what they are supposed to be. Lazy people hate being asked to do their job. People say things like, ‘You make me feel bad when you do your job, while I sit on my ass. YOU make ME feel bad when I do nothing, while you are doing something. ’  They really do say this, perhaps I paraphrase but the sentiment stands.

People say, “You are a genius, You are amazing, You are the best __________  ever.”  Other People say, “You are an asshole, You are mean, You are curt.” Who do you believe?  The ones who cheer you? Or jeer you? (What if)  There are more of the former than the latter, so what, who? Yeah. I am both over and beneath it.

Praise or Blame. It is all the same. Curse or compliment, I suppose it is just a matter of perspective.

El Fin


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