you don’t have to help me…

but damn if you try to discourage me.

i am sick and tired of lazy people who find it easier to deride me for my high standards than to live up to the job they agreed WILLINGLY to do.

it is one thing to not wish to facilitate the greater good but to use ANY energy to derail others who want to make the most of every opportunity to do good is unconscionable.

this atlas is shrugging. to hell with you.

i could never mean that, but it felt good to write.

i realize this is the ultimate test, but god, i am tired. EXHAUSTED. from battling idiots and rude jerks who would rather insult me than do what they know is right.

why should i bear their ignominies?  i am sad, mad and spent.

my compassion has taken a beating today. i, am at my wits end.

done. i want to be done. and yet, it never ends. more more more. i have to suffer in vain for shallow support and a constant barrage of impudence.

maybe sleep will help. maybe it won’t.

here’s to praying that tomorrow is better. or that i drift into the next paradigm/parallel universe.

either will be a welcome reprieve from today’s events.


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Thinker, BS detector, champion of Reason. Unafraid. Ticked off, and riled up. View all posts by Janis Alanis

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