Missing Big Daddy

Dear Big Daddy (RIP), Thank you for what you did to/for me by instilling such a sense of righteous integrity. Thank you for teaching me that any job worth doing is worth doing well. Thank you for showing me that doing what is right, while it is not always what is popular, bears its own reward. It is not easy being your daughter, even now, without you here as the world is lacking the presence of your greatness even more than I am. Thank you for building my self worth based on working hard and being dilligent. It is hard sometimes, and feels kind of lonely to know that everyone did not benefit from your example, but I will live everyday trying to pass on the wonderful lessons you taught me, so that others may know you through me. This is my gift to you. I will spend my life in your shadow, yet basking in your light. Your baby girl misses you. All I do, is for you. Missing you somethin awful,
the (damn) gypsy


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