it ain’t all hell raisin’

i realize my dharma, but i am not a slave to it.

i realize because i have a voice, and it is loud, that this is not my only task here on this earth to vehemently stand up for what is right.

so, allow me, a moment of quietude to reflect.

i am not the way i am simply to raise hell when necessity dictates. i am not just julia sugarbaker.

i feel what is felt. i walk in others shoes, i absorb sorrow and joy.

when the world hurts, i hurt. and i am grateful for this. it is not just a job, or a duty, it is living, it is being human.

i love everyone. i want peace for everyone. i want everyone to feel love, learn from mistakes, and to realize the infinite joy that comes from doing what is right by their fellow man.

but when my close friends feel hurt or anxiety, it overtakes me as if it were my own. so please pardon me, if i take what is close even more to heart.

i fight for everyone, but i will throw down for those closest to me.

my heart is not made of stone, even if it has a 10 foot fence with barbed wire coils surrounding it.

my friend was sorrowful yesterday, and it hurt me more than usual, regarding my awareness. i hated it. i wanted to make it better.

i did what i could.

so please do not mistake my brusqueness for callousness. i just have so much i wish to accomplish. so much to do, so many to look after.

i want what is best for us all. at any price. which is in general the cost of my personal popularity with the public. i don’t care if assholes do not like me. in fact, i prefer they take notice. because it is out of great love for those they burden with their ignorance of karma, i am coming after them.

believe that.

what looks like a battle is actually a labor of love. wouldn’t have it any other way.




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