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This is rare for me…but this guy is such a douchebag, he makes Palin look like a saint.

I believe she is guilty of ethics violations, and she was found so by an independent council. But this guy! Ha. He is such a loser.

It is telling of politicians, both D and R, to spin this bullshit like they are unfairly targeted AFTER ADMITTING to adultery and skipping the country with mistresses. Give me a break.

Poor Sanford. Poor Palin.

Let me tell you yahoos something. When the public pays your salary, a job YOU chose to be in, they (we) own you. Literally. When you betray us, we deserve restitution.

Not only did this guy betray his constituents, but also his wife and family. Now he wants a pity party. Now, he evokes the name of Palin.

Let me tell you buddy, that don’t make either of you look any better.

Prosecute him to the full letter of the law.

And Spitzer too.

So sick of the ridiculous pomposity, that these cheaters, liars and thieves are trying to tell us how to live.

Clean up your own back yards before you come rifling through mine.

That goes to Dems and Pubs alike.  Get your shit straight people or get off your “GOD TOLD ME TO DO THIS” high horse.

Screw you, and screw the god that told you were working for him and behaving this way.

One of you, is a liar.


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