Cheney meet logic

I have voiced my opinion. It is clear. But now, I will present my logical argument for why what Dick Cheney is doing and has done, is reprehensible.

1. The Geneva Convention

International Humanitarian Law – Fourth 1949 Geneva Convention.

We agreed to this. We signed off on this. We helped create this. We are bound to this. So, even if you think it is proper to torture human beings, if you think these are the actions of a Christian Nation, and you think Cheney and Bush did no wrong, in your eyes, KNOW THIS: it doesn’t matter what you think. We put our name on this pact, these treatises, these promises to the dignity of human life, a very specific article, PROMISING not to do these things, that we have done as a nation who put these men in charge.

If ANYONE else in the world did these things, we would feel, as a nation, the ultimate responsibility to hold them accountable. If we as a nation do not hold these men accountable, we are willing accomplices to these crimes. And you like to fancy yourselves a Christian Nation. Ha! I read the Bible, and nowhere does Jesus tell you to torture your “enemy”. It is sick. And as I sit here, an American, I want to tell the world that I did not want this. I do not agree. I want justice for those who are wronged. Because that is what my America is about.

We must walk the walk.

2 . Integrity

For months now, Cheney has been hemming and hawing about how everything he did was legal. Everything they did was on the nation’s behalf, for the “greater good”. He has unwaveringly stood behind every choice he made, despite bringing the world to financial ruin, and starting two wars that never seem to end. But now, now that he is looking at being prosecuted for his betrayal of true American ideals for the sake of greed, he would like to divert the attention from himself and recycle his old fear-mongering tactics and claim that this prosecution puts us at risk.

So, my question for you is—if everything he did was in the right, and he has nothing to hide or feel shame for, then why the cloaking? Because let me tell you, if I were accused of horrible things, and I knew I didn’t do them, then I would welcome any investigation that came my way, and I would cooperate fully to clear my name. But if I knew I was guilty, I might freak out and try to take down as many people in my well of misery as I could. But I wouldn’t do that, because I am not manipulating an international treatise on human rights.

If they are innocent, let them provide us with the information to realize this ourselves. And clear our nation’s name internationally.

I suspect though, this is not the case. We shall see.

I just find it hilariously ironic and sickeningly sad how people out there just gloss over the logistics of Cheney’s argument. Is it that you just like to torture people? Or you don’t mind? How are you all ok with this? I really want to know. I really really want to know.

It is beyond absurd that we purport to have any moral authority whatsoever in this world, when we allow these travesties to go unchecked. Even if, and especially if we are the ones who deserve reproof. We will never stand as a proud nation with such karma swirling around us. I do not wish to be a part of sweeping this under the rug. I think this is wrong, and I want to know why you don’t.


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