A recession is NO time to save people money (and lives)–Joe Lieberman

The Insurance Lobbyists Senator from Conneticut Joe Lieberman says now is a bad time for reforming health care.  Yet takes no responsibility for war deficit.

Brilliant. Old Joe, is he dem, is he pub, not sure, but what I do know, is this jerk has insurance. Government backed and managed insurance. What a clueless wonder, to say such bs.

Wake up people. Anyone who says health care is not an ultimate issue right now, in a recession, either has insurance, works for insurance companies or is being duped by one of the two.

If not now, when?  When we are all sick with cancer because the FDA lets us eat hormones? Or because the EPA is getting kickbacks to let corporations pollute? Or when the pharma companies have convinced everyone that they are sick and have to have these overpriced, unnecessary drugs, that are in essence, making us sicker?

When? When will we get some logic up in here?  I am not scared, because I am sure that I will die of a treatable disease, before anyone helps or answers me.

Not even sure how to end this, as it is so ridiculous.

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