It is getting more difficult to let this roll off

To the uneducated, ill-informed, naive goombas out there opposing Health Care Reform, allow me to enlighten you. You are being duped, by a dumbass no less.

If you have health insurance and do not feel robbed just by circumstance of sickness, then right on for you, but realize you are lucky, and in the company of few. If you are not appalled by the health care system we have, then you must be really healthy or in Congress. Idiots! If you believe the beauty queen’s disturbing maladjusted misunderstanding of legislation, then you deserve what you get, and you will not like it, because the right wants to spend your SS on bombs and there will be nothing left for you when you do, indeed, get old and sick. So reap it aholes.  We can go with out reform, we’ll see how you like it when your income gets fixed and your kids have died before you of cancer because they couldn’t afford to pay for chemo, because the insurance companies can deny them and then who will change your depends and wipe your chin?

The current health care we have is a DEATH PANEL. These companies get to pick and choose who they cover with out penalty.  Can’t afford treatment, they will let you die.  Good luck everyone, without reform, we are screwed.


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