Fearmongering? What a surprise.



This statement is a sign of her intellectual weakness. What a paranoid little life she must lead to assume so much.

I guess you aren’t paranoid if people really hate you. But I wish she’d save this rhetoric.

The fact is, that the Bush administration jacked up our military spending that cutting it back 1.2 Billion, would still have us overspending most nations 2:1.

We are strong. But we will be stronger if we can motivate the world by our actions of reason, and compassion. And, if that doesn’t work, we still can blow this entire world up if we want.

So, reign it in, Palin, we still got more bullets than everyone else. It’ll be ok.


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Thinker, BS detector, champion of Reason. Unafraid. Ticked off, and riled up. View all posts by Janis Alanis

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