I am against (Gay) Marriage…

I am, in fact, against marriage altogether. To me, it is absurd and ridiculous. For most participants, it is nothing more than buying into the illusion and building a “RIGHTEOUS” moral basis of ignorance on it. 

I will insert that some of my friends  do  marriage justice by respecting their commitments and being righteous, and are married for good reasons, as my friends are extraordinarily awesome,but the  50% divorce rate and the marriage bigots ruin it for everyone else. SO-props to my married friends, this is not directed at you.

HOWEVER…if the world wants to live in an illusion, and all evidence points to that, then fuck you if you think my gay friends cannot have the same rights as you hetero-asshole bigots.  It should be marriage for all or FOR NONE.

You people who spend all your time thinking about other people’s sex lives and married lives, are nothing but two bit perverts and jack-tards, ( a word I made up yesterday–a cross between an jackass and a retard, which is oddly appropriate here).  I am so sick of you jerks holding RIGHTS hostage based on your own bias and ignorance.

Either this is a country of the right to pursue LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS for all, or you are a bunch, (even a small bunch) of hypocrites. 

This kind of segregationist thinking MAKES ME SICK. Screw you California Supreme Court, you do not represent the America I was raised to be “proud” of.  

I have said it before and I will again…I think marriage is absurd, but BY GOD, if you asshole straight people can do it, then my friends should be able to as well. 

Sorry, I am just so pissed right now.

My point is, if I was not clear, that Inalienable Rights is the issue here. Don’t give a shit about who marries whom, but we are guaranteed these INALIENABLE RIGHTS, to ‘all men created equal’, and the yada yada about the Creator, well, in your face Bible thumpers, get it straight, the constitution evokes the Creator, your sovereign Lord, to promise that we are all treated with EQUALITY. 

Jack Black no take backs.



Liberate Liberace

Liberate Liberace

Cant we all just sing along?

Can't we all just sing along?


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