If you are “Pro Life”…

Then you should be anti-IVF.

Woman ruins lives of 14 children, with IVF, bought on CREDIT, to satisfy her personal needs to feel good. CRIMINAL!

If abortion is ‘messing with “god’s plan” then so is IVF. Force those barren couples to adopt first, to take care of the kids you wish forced to be born, before they can create more mouths to feed.
What this woman, and all others who disregard the human lives that exist at this very moment, so they can create others to own, is disgraceful.

Why aren’t you ProLifers all over this? Is is just a congregation of cells you care about? Why is IVF legal and at the same time, you want abortion illegal?
This is absurd!

Regulate their wombs! Take away their reproductive rights! Because despite there being enough food, shelter and love to go around, mankind has yet to learn how to distribute it, and children, REAL children die everyday, orphans, starving, because people would prefer a genetic version of themselves, rather than help those who are living and dying everyday. ProLife? No, if you were really Pro Life, you’d care about live folks, who walk, and breath, and ache with hunger.

If you are anti abortion, and not anti IVF, you are a hypocrite. Yea, that’s right. I said it. yea.


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