To all the dillholes who think Roe v Wade is about ABORTION

It is not. To be “pro-choice” does not mean to be pro-abortion. I know, I can hear you scrambling, well, if…, save it. Roe v Wade, was about the freedom to do with our, one and only true, lifelong possession, our domain, our temples, our bodies. To all the men, who want to chime in on this, I beseech you to consider, an alternative legislation, regarding your testes. Because, and despite our differences, I think we can all agree, that unwanted pregnancies require TWO players, not just a woman. Legislating ONLY the woman’s role in this, is disjunctive, and illogical. It takes TWO to tango, where is the legislation on testes? I will whole-heartedly support a ban on abortion, if men are equally held responsible for their roles in them. Some people say—and I agree, that there should be classes teaching the treachery; physically, mentally, spiritually of abortion, but it should be taught to BOTH young women AND young men. The idea that this plague is solely the burden of the woman, is ludicrous and irresponsible. I find it most disappointing, that while there are a myriad of methods, ways, and options out there to eradicate this issue through education, that we waste time legislating rather than educating, because it is just easier. These are human beings we are talking about. Why don’t you care more about them, than the fetus? They are living, now, and need help, not a Psuedo-Utilitarian Oligarchy, misguided by a skewed sense of morality and Godliness, telling them what to do. Give me a law, denying man’s free will use of his testes, and I will support the anti free will of my womb. I will campaign. Otherwise, shut your mouths, you are hypocrites. Let me be clear. I have said it once, and a million times—I am anti-abortion. I hate that it exists, I find it to be an absurd answer to a ridiculous problem. But I do not believe the problem rests in lack of legislation, it is in the dearth of education. We must rise above the discomfort of speaking of terrible things, until they happen. Remember the 5 Ps, Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Preparation is the only viable option here. Arm people with knowledge, give them options, and in the end, you have to let them make their own choices anyway, because they will, anyway. But if you give them knowledge, they are infinitely more likely to make better choices, which, they will be doing, anyway, regardless of your laws. Let me know how that works out for you, the snake eats its own tail.

And finally, for those of you in my face about 1.3 million, AND simultaneously support the war, let me ask you, what about the babies in IRAQ that died due to our bombing? Is it just white, Christian babies that matter to you? Or American babies? What about those babies? What was their crime, so bad, that you look the other way, when we pummel them with chemical weapons? How do you sleep at night? I love it though, because at least, your hypocrisy is consistent, and that I can appreciate on a basic level. Let me ask, what provisions are you making should all these children live? Will you support them financially until they are 18? Are you fighting for easier Adoption Rights? What are you doing to plan for the possibility of getting your way? Anything? I have yet to see any of you up in arms trying to make things better for the children that are left behind every day. Shut your hypocritical mouths, unless you have a back up plan. Aye, dios mio. You have experienced so much freedom, that now you think you have the right to tell others how to live. That is just how communism starts turning sour. It must be nice to know everything.


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