Palin = Evil

Sarah Palin disgusts me. Please stop her. Please.


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48 responses to “Palin = Evil

  • rjjrdq

    So that’s the face of evil huh?

  • joyfulcardinal

    When a person feels it necessary to slander another individual with untruths – that is evil. By posting this video and pushing your agenda you are the ones exposing how dark your soul is.
    Supporters of Governor Palin – know the truth and you don’t present the truth. You’re not fooling anyone but the fools.

    • gypsyzingaro

      if it were slander, i’d apologize. if it were untrue, i’d recant. but thank you for coming, and the rest of your fools,er uh, friends.

  • M Hammack

    Sarah knows best. She loves and wants to protect her Alaskan PEOPLE and wildlfe. Have you ever seen a Karabu torn to pieces by wolves?

  • Dede in Roswell

    I live in GA where we are now being overrun with coyotes in urban and suburban areas, and they are killing our small pets – cats, dogs. I can certainly understand and empathize with Sarah Palin’s concern about the wolf population in Alaska. It isn’t good when a species overpopulates, so control is necessary. Sarah Palin isn’t evil, but rather people like you and Ashley Judd show your ignorance about animal overpopulation on this planet. BTW, I am a huge animal lover.

  • Holli

    You have got to be kidding me. Apparently as usual you on the left are misinformed and believe everything you read. To keep the balance in nature they sometimes have to kill animals. They do it in all the major parks like yellowstone but because Sarah does it she is Evil. You are such hypocrites. Why don’t you try saving babies from abortion now that is a worthy cause. And I am assuming you all know how to read check the facts before you spout

    • gypsyzingaro

      I am not on the Left. I am in the Middle. I am not misinformed, as a matter of fact, I am not only informed, I have a logically trained, rational, reasonable mind, that allows me to search for more creative solutions to complex issues that do not revolve around shooting defenseless animals in the back. Who is “they”, as in, “they” sometimes have to kill animals? And Palin is not evil JUST because of the wolf issue, and the fact that she is not smart enough to even hire someone smart enough to utilize science, compassion and intellect to deal with this issue, no, Palin is Evil, well, just for so many other reasons.

      And to all the wingnuts, who are so willing to shoot animals in the back, please save your RIDICULOUS arguments for abortion. I hate abortion. I do not believe that abortion should be used for birth control. You see, I am anti killing; wolves, babies, people. But I prefer to prevent the necessity of abortion, through education, and enlightenment, not pretending that the issues don’t exist, like I am sure you do. So, for all you who are so self righteous when it comes to killing wolves and saving a coagulation of cells, and the death penalty and war, give me a break. You have a disjunction in your logical process. I am not upset because of Ms. Judd’s message, I am peeved, because humans are disappointing, in that they do not consider the ramifications of their actions, and hoop and holler for the most violent of possible solutions.
      It is lazy, ignorant, and selfish.
      Carry on.
      Thanks for coming.

  • Frank

    Alaska’s aerial hunting policy was explained during the campaign, but either those on the left don’t understand it or they do and they just want to score political points against a rising GOP star. I suspect Ashley Judd, who has joined a campaign against aerial hunting, is mainly looking for some free media. (I haven’t seen her in anything that wasn’t a political ad in quite some time.) For those who need a refresher, Noel Sheppard reminds readers of the reason aerial hunting of wolves is allowed in Alaska and the reason bounties are offered. As shocking as it might be to some, it is not because Sarah Palin is a sadistic bloodthirsty monster.
    What’s astounding here is that nowhere in the ad is the viewer apprised of why the wolves are being hunted, or the history beyond this policy. Instead, as graphic video rolls of a wolf being shot, Judd says, “Using a low-flying plane, they kill in winter when there is no chance for the wolves to escape.”
    Ummm…that’s the point. After all, the wolves aren’t being hunted for sport. They’re numbers are being intentionally reduced to increase the population of moose and caribou which Alaskans depend on for food and wolves prey on.
    So in these tough economic times Ashley Judd wants to take food off of Alaskan tables? That makes as much sense as those who believe Palin wants to shoot wolves from airplanes for the fun of it.
    Noel Sheppard provides a ton of information on the practice including this from theWildlife Conservation division of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:
    Wolves and bears are very effective and efficient predators on caribou, moose, deer and other wildlife. In most of Alaska, humans also rely on the same species for food. In Alaska’s Interior, predators kill more than 80 percent of the moose and caribou that die during an average year, while humans kill less than 10 percent. In most of the state, predation holds prey populations at levels far below what could be supported by the habitat in the area. Predation is an important part of the ecosystem, and all ADF&G wolf management programs, including control programs, are designed to sustain wolf populations in the future.
    The Alaska Board of Game approves wildlife regulations through a public participation process. When the Board determines that people need more moose and/or caribou in a particular area, and restrictions on hunting aren’t enough to allow prey populations to increase, predator control programs may be needed. Wolf hunting and trapping rarely reduces wolf numbers enough to increase prey numbers or harvests.
    Currently, five wolf control programs are underway that comprises about 9.4% of Alaska’s land area. The programs use a closely controlled permit system allowing aerial or same day airborne methods to remove wolves in designated areas. In these areas, wolf numbers will be temporarily reduced, but wolves will not be permanently eliminated from any area. Successful programs allow humans to take more moose, and healthy populations of wolves to continue to thrive in Alaska.
    Sheppard also provides information about the reason for bounties and some quotes from the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund website which reveal the motivation behind the current campaign against Palin.

    • gypsyzingaro

      thank you Frank. with the exception of the dig on Judd, this was a great comment. not a kooky, wingnut job, and after sitting here for the last hour moderating, it is refreshing.
      let me be clear. i get that wolves’ population needs to be controlled. SO DOES THE HUMAN POPULATION. there will be a time, were, we are the only predators left. it is imperative that we find a way to survive with these precious ecosystems that are being encroached upon unnecessarily. This is not about the NATIVES. Because if it were, there’d be no issue. This is about more and more people moving in, and expecting to live off the same amount of land, and when they don’t get that, BAM! shoot an animal in the back, chop off his leg, and done.
      There are better and less violent ways. Control human behavior, control births, shooting, no matter when, or where, should be a final option, not a paid one.
      i love animals, but i love reason more. there are better ways.

  • IronJawAngel

    What a beautiful woman, works out, takes care of her body. Is the Gov. of Alaska, believes in America, oh the wolf thing, yeah I know Ms. Judd needs a job, so of course that hilly billy trailer trash, would try and distort the truth about a great American woman. It is sad that Ms. Judd can not find work because she is so obsessed with the pain her mother supposely caused her, that she will try to wreck any other woman that she can, I guess that maybe she will need to go back to the hospital for treatment any day now.

  • Sherri

    When you dumb down America this is what you get, people believing what these animal rights activists are peddling much less letting them get their greedy little hand in your pocket. It’s all about the money folks, wake up and smell the coffee so you’ll have enough energy to research subjects for yourself and see how easily you are manipluated into being a puppet of these hate groups

    • gypsyzingaro

      the fact that you continue to argue for something so vile, illustrates perfectly, how dumb America has become. It is willful ignorance and stupidity. Thank you for such a great example. Perhaps we should reach for being manipulated by a bigger hate group, like the RNC? Thank you for coming.

  • Sherri

    And for what it is worth with your comments back on my opinion I think you are nothing more than a troll with your blog of hatred against Sarah Palin, Nothing more and nothing less. This crap of life is what you thrive on, there is no talking any kind of sense to you about any subject you say is offensive but you just get off being a troll with a genda to take down Sarah Palin. This is your goal regardless of the subject of concern. This is who you are, one of the name callers & rock throwers of a hate mob, who most likely got their 101 hate skills from the Obama ACORN organizers in Chicago. Duh.

    • gypsyzingaro

      I am honored that you would take time from your busy schedule to call me a troll. Why, I find it delightful. I mean it couldn’t mean more if you, yourself, were a high school drop out, unwed mother. And if you really believe, really that there is “no talking any kind of sense to me”, then why did you come back? Answer: You love me. That is the only possibility. I am not seeking you out, you return here. Ah, I love it.
      Still, none of you answered the very basic question I posed. This is me, surprised.
      Bitter much? You lost in November, and now, you are just bitter.

      And its agenda, not a genda. Beauty school drop out, go back to high school. And thanks for coming. I appreciate ya!

  • garyp4205

    Hey Gypsy, you are a loser and a COWARD!

    I was the first person to post a response to your infantle rant, and you never allowed it published.


    Go back into the hole you came from!

    • gypsyzingaro

      So, GaryP,
      I am honored that it means so much to you to see your name on my site. I did not publish your asinine rant, (was it the one that linked this issue to abortion? )because, regretfully, I assumed that you were just a mental patient on the loose, as your argumentation was weak, your ravings were lunatical, and well, I found you to be more ignorant than you were reasonable, a deadly combination in my book.

      Please go to the front page, does it read Crazy Gary Tells It? No. So, I am under no obligation to respond to you, or post your rants, get your own blog if it is so important to see your name in lights. I am posting the last note to showcase how unintelligent you are, how obsessive you are about your SELF, and how, once again, you did not respond to the question of whether you are too stupid, selfish or lazy to find a humane solution to over population. (I think it is a combination of all three, but I only know about you from your posts, so it is a guess.) And thank you for telling me to go back where I came from, as you, are indeed, the one who sought me out by coming here. Ironic?
      Yes, but I enjoy it. Please come back. As long as you are assaulting me with your stupidity, I feel like I am saving others from a barrage of idiocy. Welcome to the world of the Gypsy.

  • garyp4205

    Thanks for the insult there gypsy loserman.

    I notice everyone else posting has the same opinion I do. I.E, you are a moron!

    I couldn’t care less about seeing my name on your little site, but I damn sure care when someone lies about Governor Palin.

    What I posted was all factual, and easily verifiable by anyone with a working brain. Which I guess leaves you out!

    Go back to sucking you thumb loser. You are simply a pathetic waste of sperm!

    • gypsyzingaro

      Oh sweet Gary,
      I am flattered that you cannot seem to stay away. *blushing*
      Funny, how you think that because “everyone” shares your opinion that you think that it is right. Hmm, lots of folks in Nazi Germany agreed, does that give you solace? Just because a bunch of ignorant, uneducated people agree, doesn’t mean they are all right.
      Also, I would assume, wrongfully, of course, that a smart person, would figure out that the posts you all have supplied me with, that I allowed on, prove my point, not yours.
      You see, I am a very confident woman, who does not need to only put up what I believe, or approve comments that I agree with. I know what i believe, I have put your comments up, to showcase how the masses are WILLFULLY ignorant, how not one of you had even researched (the easiest job ever) viable, nonviolent solutions to issues, and how you are all so proud and ignorant at the same time. Not one of any of you, responded to my reasonable questions, no one had a real original argument for your beliefs, and how you are all working from the same program–i.e. Love Palin but don’t question or criticize her, hmm, also, much like Nazi Germany.

      Do you hate animals? Is that why you refuse to consider alternatives to shooting them? Or do you just love yourselves so much, that you think everything you do is right?

      And it should be noted, that while I have said that ways of thinking are stupid, you, as clever as you are, can only insult me with name calling, like 4th graders. Is that all you have? Because it is adorable! Thank you so much for being true to yourself. I love it! Oh, and should I add–I know you are, but what am I? No, too cliche. Instead, I will say, that my favorite part of your work is that, even though you hate me, a very Christian thing to do, that those who hate the Gypsy, also loooooove the Gypsy, else, why keep coming back?

      Gary, I love you too. You are awesome! Keep coming back, until then, I will miss you. Kisses!

      love janis
      the Gypsy

  • Gary P Jackson

    Oh great, now I’m a Nazi. Man you are truly a deranged fool. Post THAT!

    As far as ANIMALS, damned right I care about them. That’s why predator eradication is KEY. What don’t you understand about the fact that these wolves almost completely destroyed the herd of Caribou, Deer, and Moose, in Alaska.

    These wolves are attacking people dogs,, as well as the people themselves on jogging trails.

    Since you can use a computer, I assume that you can use Google. Google “wolf attacks in Alaska”.

    I highly doubt you care about animals at all. You are simply one of these crazies that can’t stand the fact that Sarah Palin will be the 45th President of the United States, and the current failure will do good to serve out his first term.

    Let’s make no mistake about it, that’s YOUR real agenda here.

    Well, in just over 2 weeks in office, Obama has totally lost control of his government. Nancy Pelosi is the President, not Obama!

    No, if you cared about animals, you’d be going after PETA, who kills more animals in a week than Alaska does wolves in a year!

    And what about all of the other western states? Every state has a predator hunting program. Some states it’s wolves, some states it’s coyotes.

    Hell, here in Texas, we’ve had to have special hunts on the deer population, because it had gotten so big, the animals were starving to death for lack of enough food.

    Instead of being an emotional wreck of a liberal, why don’t you go learn some facts about wildlife management? In other words, quit being a girl! Man up son!

    Also, you never answered this question: Why wolves, when 1.3 million human babies are murdered each year in one of the most barbaric, sub-human rituals known to man?

    Answer me THAT!

    Have the guts to print my questions, and YOUR answers. That is if you can answer questions like an adult.

    • gypsyzingaro

      did I call you a Nazi? No. I likened your mindset to another group of people who got caught up in prideful domination. You can infer what you like. You hear what you want to, and that is your choice.

      –Predator eradication–I am for that. Humans are the worst predators out there. I champion eradication of unethical, inhumane, ignorant, selfish predators, which of, wolves are not, yet humans are. Are you really for predator eradication? Or just predators that take the easiness of hunting away from you?

      Did I say I cared about animals? I mean, I do, but that is not the issue, it is ecosystems that raise my concern at this point, which will effect us globally. If you wish to eradicate wolverine attacks on people, and pets, stop moving into the wild.

      I am not working on a conspiratorial agenda, are you?

      And speaking of “crazy”, how do you think it reflects on your greater purpose, that no one here can focus on the topic at hand? That you all have taken a wildlife issue of needless killing to champion other issues like abortion? Palinites cannot focus! Stick with the topic, please. I assume you can google, too. Did you research nonviolent ways of population control? You don’t even have to, I posted links for you. This proves my point, that most people are too lazy or ignorant, to find information at their fingertips, and for that Gary, I could not appreciate you more. Thank you, for continually, proving my point. I cannot tell you how much that pleases me.

      I think PETA borders on ridiculous, but they, themselves, are a reaction to the ridiculousness of apathy. Two extremes, which I hope to bridge, with a reasonable response to the issues at hand. See Aristotle’s 12 virtues, the mean is what we should aim for.
      I am not an emotional wreck. I am not emotional. You are the one crying, without logical forethought. You are the one, who cannot stay focused.

      And I DID answer your questions regarding abortion. I have written numerous posts about how I am ANTI abortion. Did you read them? Guess not. Is this page difficult for you to navigate, ask your grandkids, they can show you how to use the internet for purposes other than going off, half cocked.

      What do you know about wildlife management that you did not get from Palin? My guess, is nothing.

      What do you propose as a solution to the abortion issue? Is it education? No, probably not, it is obvious by your posts, that education is not really important to you, just mindlessly following flash in the pans of celebupoliticos. What should we do with the women who have abortions? If it is murder, then they should get the death penalty, right? (Do you know anyone who has had an abortion? What if your daughter was raped? If she got an abortion, would you sentence her to death?) Or would you prefer, we shoot them from airplanes? How do YOU, propose, we end abortion? By making it illegal? Will that stop it? (And is that the only and best way to deal with this issue? Or the only way you know how?) I will not rehash the abortion argument, because you, maybe can’t read very well, and I won’t waste time, saying what I have already said. Read more than to retaliate, and then you might get a better idea of reality.

      I am not a liberal. I detest the liberal mentality as much as neo-conservativism. Right wing and left wing is the same to me. My concern is integrity, reason and logic, all of which I have found a dearth of in your responses. Please, please, please, keep calling me names, as I respond to you with faultless argumentation, you only build my case, and weaken Palin’s. Do you think it helps her, when you are so accusatory, inflammatory, and arrested in your development without any independent research? America is sick of that.
      Do you think that infusing your rants with scattered drivel, no evidence of unbiased research, and spouting off talking points that sound like a conservative script, proves anything else but your weak, shallow, underdeveloped process of thought?

      I have answered every question like an adult. I never called anyone a “loser” or even a Nazi, that is you. You are the crying child, attempting to defend a woman and a process, that both, are unqualified to handle the circumstances in which they are involved.

      But, man, and I mean this, I love it Gary. You are my favorite! Please keep sending me these rambling messages, it is like candy to me. I cannot wait to show the world, your next desperate defense of willful ignorance. I love it! I doubt many would believe that there really are people like you out there, and i am happy to display what ever you send me. Thank you, a million times, thank you. Before you guys came, my blog was just starting out, now I have enough material to work with for years! I love you Gary, I really do.

      best regards,

  • Joe

    Hey Janis;

    The caribou polulation was not going dwon due to hunting becasue they had stopped hunting caribou in that area for years and the population was still dropping and they had already been hunted in that area for centuries. It was not due loss of habitat of the wolves or the caribou because the habiat reamined the same.

    The control program was instuted to allow the caribou to regain its natural foothaold in the area and it looks like it is starting to work.

    The plan was put in place by the department of conservation to preserve the caribou. It was not doen for sport. I sent the artcle but you wan’t print it.

    • gypsyzingaro

      Sorry Joe, I have a policy of not printing drunken ramblings, of which, I assumed your last post was, until I saw this post, and realized, you must just always spell poorly and severely miss the real issue at point. My apologies.
      Here you go. Thanks for coming.

  • Clifton B

    Ah gypsyzingaro, you are a sly one, yes you are! You posted this crazy tripe about Governor Palin being evil in order to generate traffic to your obscure blog! Bravo! Well done! You knew that by sliming an upstanding American woman, tons of decent, hard working, middle class Americans would run to her defense and drive up your web traffic! So tell me, what are you going to charge for ad space and how are you going to keep the traffic up after everyone is done schooling you in wildlife management?

    • gypsyzingaro

      The very idea, Clifford, that you think, that you could school me on anything, well, I gotta tell you, kept me rolling in the aisles for some time. The fact that YOU, think YOU can say why I do anything, well, guffaw, guffaw, heehee. I doubt you even know why you do what you do. Please, for your own sake, be quiet until you are asked to speak. Hang tight, when I want to hear from narrow minded, uneducated lipgloss worshippers, you will be ON!! I did not invite you here. I don’t care what you think. Your intellectual development is arrested, why would I care what you and your mindless minions think? This opinion is based on your obtuse deification of a low rent, PWT, vaccuous illiterate, so pardon me if you have more layers. But now, I have your ignorance, captured forever. Hehe.
      Love you!
      Just because you think Palin is pretty, and you like her lip gloss, doesn’t make her upstanding or decent. Just because you want to bone her, doesn’t make her qualified to make decisions that effect the wilderness that should be preserved.
      Why don’t you manage your own life, blog, mental process, et. al., and leave the thinking to the professionals?
      And thanks for coming by. It is nice to know, that those who hate the Gypsy, also, love the Gypsy.
      The Gypsy loves you too, Clifford.
      Have a nice day.

  • christy

    DOW is deliberately distorting predator control by singling out Alaska, and Gov. Palin. Similar programs exist in almost every state. As for Judd, she’s essentially an airhead, a hasbeen, who would benefit a lot from a stay at a clinic somewhere. Gov. Palin has every right, and in fact, a duty to respond to this kind of sleezy sort of activity by the far left loons. Perhaps, DOW and Judd should go to Alaska, live trap some of the wolves, and take them home with them, I hear they make great pets.

    • gypsyzingaro

      Ok. Dear Christy, (and the rest of you)
      I never said, “no population control”. I never said, “don’t ever shoot wolves”. I never said a gd thing about left or right. I beg you to get your heads out from where the sun does not shine. All I ever asked, was to look at alternatives, stop using the bullet, and the cheapest methods to deal with every issue that comes up. (Oil, territory, peace?????) But I guess for the intellectually challenged, drill, drill, drill, kill, kill, kill, drill, kill, drill, kill, kill, drill….is all you know. Whatever. I won’t fight with you all. You have given me enough material to showcase your short-sightedness, and ignorance. So, thanks.

  • miraclelurker

    LOL Great read. Thanks, janis. 🙂

  • Betty

    Hey Gypsy. Keep up the good work exposing this blood thirsty wench for what she really is.
    Pay no attention to Gary and is ilk from TeamSarah. They obviously have hard ons for Sarah and think the dumb bimbo can do no harm.

    • gypsyzingaro

      Wow, thanks Betty. It is not that I mind the wackjobs, but it is always nice to hear from someone of reason. Yay. I ain’t scared of these circle jerks, I am here just to expose the illogical process of the general public. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Gary

    Are you STILL ranting like a hyena?

    I thought you’d gave up on this silly bullshit!

    Funny thing, the only posts I see are those calling you stupid! They of course, are correct!

    I had forgot all about you until your stupidity ended up in my mailbox this morning.

    When will you freaks learn that most of the nation understands predator control. And frowns on silly people like yourself.

    Past that, most of the nation is now supporting Governor Palin, and wishes she was POTUS instead of the idiot that is!

    • gypsyzingaro

      I sent you nothing, dewfus. You must have signed up for updates on my blog, because, you so obviously, adore me. Thanks!

      Do you know how to read? Because judging from your response, I am guessing, no. Ask your helper to read to you the sensical posts, i.e. not yours. Look to Mark for some reason. You are the one who keeps ranting like a lunatic. You are the one who keeps coming to me. I love you too Gerky.
      I love you too. And who is the “nation” that is supporting Palin? The nation of idiots? (Mitt Romney takes the lead, 2.28.09) No one, sans the Forrest Gumps, and the mentally challenged wishes she was President. Are you off your meds again? You should get regular on that Gar, it is essential, to keep the voices away that tell you to say such tripe.
      This was NEVER about predator control, but you are not smart enough to see that, or your helper/reader is not. NEVER about predator control. EVER. Never, ever. You are in serious need of help, and so long as you keep coming back, Gary, I am willing to help you work this out, to get your mind right. See you soon.
      the Gypsy

      This is the last ill thought post of yours I will relay, as I am becoming embarrassed for you. So, until, you can tell me what this issue is really about, not what you mistake it to be about, don’t bother coming here just to insult me, with your small minded, idiotic poor thinking. Get a life, get a book, get your meds, because you are: IN SERIOUS NEED OF HELP in the intellectual capacities. Now, I feel bad, for illuminating your ignorance even with your help. And I just can’t let you go on making a fool of yourself. So, get your shit straight, or you will be immortalized forever, this dense.

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