Awesome dog needs home

My name is Bella Noche and I am an awesome dog, if I do say so, myself, and I do. I think, but am not totally sure, that I am a mixture of Black Lab and Rhodesian Ridgeback, hey, I’m not a vet! I have a cool ridge down my back, big floppy ears, and really shiny black fur.
I looove to go to the Green Belt, and hike, play with whiffle ball. I am 100% puppy! Yeah! And yeah. I have buckets of energy, and I don’t often realize how big I am, and that I am still growing so I often run into people or things accidentally. Oops! I am a tad clumsy, but gimme time and I will grow into my body, and watch out! My charm more than makes up for it. ching!
I have a loving personality, and I adore snuggling, and using your pillow. I am still in a bit of a chewing stage, but if you spend time with me, and get me things that I am supposed to chew on, I will spare your tennies.

I am looking for a lifelong companion. I know what you are thinking, online? But hey, it worked for some of my friends, so I thought I’d give it a try.

What I desire in a lifelong companion: Long walks, hikes, a bed big enough for two-hey, hey, someone to have dinner with, maybe watch some TV, I am pretty open, so long as we are hanging, because I want to hang with you and that makes everything else, infinitely better.

I have decided to not have children of my own, and focus on my career instead, so the kind person who found me, has made me an appointment at the ‘family planning’ clinic on Tuesday. I will have my Rabies vaccination and the operation, but my rescuer is very financially strapped, or else I would keep her, so I will need someone who might could lend me some cash to get what else I need. Don’t worry, I’m good for it. I will repay you with joy, unconditional love, soft fur to pet, endless hours of enjoyment, and loyalty like you never saw. Hey, you might end up owing me! Ha!

I wish I could stay with my ‘secretary’ who is typing this for me, but she is basically homeless too, and is working to find me shelter and a good home even though she doesn’t have one herself. I think she loves me very much, and would like to continue in my employ, but is unable to. I appreciate her efforts, but need something long term.

I like roadtrips. I haven’t been camping, but I know I will love it. Take me! I would even go to Vegas, so long as what happens there, stays there.

If you think you might be interested in the position, please contact my secretary and we will arrange a meeting to see if you are THE ONE.

I am picky. I want a yard, and a promise to go hiking as much as possible. In return, I will be the best friend you ever had.

I can’t wait to meet you. Have a great day.



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One response to “Awesome dog needs home

  • gypsyzingaro

    After six weeks of searching for Bella a home, while being homeless myself, we have both landed in the most awesome place.
    She and I are gonna stick it out together. Thanks for all the encouragement.

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