Thank you politicoocoo

Dear America,

Where do I begin? I am at a loss. I have sat by, cautiously observing for many moons now, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out what the fuck you are doing. Please help me understand.

George Bush? Twice? I am not sure what sickens me more, the thought that we actually elected him twice or that we were robbed twice and did not stand up for ourselves. Tough call.

If you are not questioning the war, any war, then you are mental. Even the wars that must happen, must be questioned. It is a foolish general who leads an army that has more guns than answers.

Gas war. Oil war. This is ridiculous. Invest in the open market of renewable energy. It is our only hope. The elephants want you to believe they have the answer but what they don’t tell you that it would mean drilling in land that has been deemed a Natural Reserve. They would rather you stay dependant on oil while they have control of it. All the while, I guarantee they are investing in the next stage as they keep you attached at the teat of their present monopoly. Wake up. We cannot go on like this. Oil is bad. It inspires greed like gold and fame. Give wind and solar a chance. It is practically free and constant. Oil? Not so much.

So—Republicans. As good a place to go as any. Mind you, this is in all due respect, even though it might seem a tad inappropriate, but you guys are evil, manipulative, lying, douchebags. You are ego-centric, greedy and most dishonest. I do not know how you sleep at night. Nestled warmly in Satan’s crooked arm, I suppose.

What? No. She didn’t. Yes. But fear not. I have proof. No. You go get proof. Google—“bush veteran rights”. See for yourself. You don’t have to trust me. And I am not trying to impose my views on any one. But I think it should be said, that if you fuckers are gonna vote a war into effect, without the consent of the nation, and destroy our economy, and force us to become a nation that tortures people and give your friends big tax breaks, and have a connection for your private business and your government job, well, you know, fuck you. Fuck you, you fuckin’ fucks. Yeah. That felt good.

And the stem cell thing. People know that you won’t save people’s lives because it would ruin your control method of outlawing abortion. You are not clever. You are indeed, very transparent. And laughably, your greatest assets are Rush Limbaugh and some old guy, who is very likely to keel over without the pressures of leading the free world. Not very well thought out there were you. I jest. I do not mean to mock you when you are so obviously down and out.

That is why I wish you no ill will. What might I wish upon you that you are not surely to bring upon yourself. Good luck. Really.

And Democrats. Not much better. I mean if I have one nice thing to say about anyone, I’d choose Nancy Pelosi. She has some brass ones. I tell you what. When the shit went down in Tibet. She was on a plane to Dharmasala. On a plane! Just, that was gutsy and admirable. I appreciated that. Took guts. Admirable. But she is still a politico, so caution, leery.

I am cautiously optimistic for Mr. Obama. He sounds good, but I gave up long ago judging man, let alone politician, by how he sounds. Only time will tell. So, maybe.

But the rest, except maybe Bill Richardson, Barney Frank and well, even Eliot Spitzer. I thank the first two for being open minded and trying to find solutions to ongoing issues. But Eliot Spitzer I would like to thank for being such a royal douche and for facilitating the opening of america’s eyes to how politicians are fucking hypocrites and how it is reasonable to ask oneself how it is possible that their governor is spending $4600, (an amount that would for most of pay—house, car, insurance, phone, electric, cable, gas and food for TWO MONTHS) an hour, to get his kicks on the New Jersey turnpike.

If you were mad, you would be deemed reasonable. But let me tell you. It is all over the place. The government is fucking you. It really is. Not everyone, not all the time. But most of them and most of the time. Do some research. They are using your money in the most insane ways. Ask Eliot. It might not have been from the till, but it is karmically linked to you.

I wrote this before the election, and only time will tell, trust no one, expect nothing, and go about your day.



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