While apathy and understanding look similar, therein lies the problem. What the hell is wrong with the world? I want some gd answers.

I have spent my whole life searching, seeking, inquiring, discovering, God. And this is it? Really? Really.

Religion is a sham. Man, it’s fecking awful. All roads lead to FEAR. And that is a crock of shite. Some might do good things. No. People do good things. Religion(s) are/will be the ruination of mankind. They cater to fear. Evoke/stoke fear. to get their work done.

It is weak. & arrested developmentally. retarded. Evil. Careless willful ignorance. It is sickening how people can’t find a damn other thing to do with their time than wage wars based on this/these delusions.

I beseech you. Stop this madness. I have studied this phenomena from every single direction. Here is how it goes.

Group of a**holes get together and devise a plan to control people “for their own good”. Now, who decides what that means? Usually the ones with the arsenal and multiple demons in their closet. But hey, it wouldn’t be religion without hypocrisy.

They offer the poor and hungry a chance to come willingly and those who say no, get their heads bashed in, which, ironically, helps lower the amount of no answers to attend with.

Believe or die. We think, hope, dream, lie to ourselves by saying—if I say I believe, then I live forever. Wrong. God, there are so many things wrong with that.

If your religion isn’t about love and compassion, you are a dick. And so is your church. If its about politics, call it that, if its about money, oil, psychosis, call it that. But if you are devoting yourself, religiously, to any other notion than the betterment of mankind, you are a RICHARD. And an a-hole.

Either god loves us all, or you are a jerk.


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One response to “Religion!!!@#$%^

  • gypsyzingaro

    wow. that didn’t sound so mean in my head. but i stand by it.

    if i thought religion could solve more than it caused, i might have a different perspective.

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