Whether you realize it or not, or have never even pondered it, you are functioning under a personal philosophy. It is the manner in which you respond to criticism or praise, the way you comb your hair, the way you drive your car, the way you brush your teeth. You may do ‘what comes natural’, exactly the way you have your whole life, the way your parents taught you.

One day you may, perhaps accidentally, or out of curiosity try a different route to work, and you see a groundhog. You have never seen a groundhog on your way to work before, interesting. And so, it begins, the unfolding of exploration and a possible complete overhaul of everything you have ever taken for granted.

You might find that you want to take a new way to everywhere all the time. You might find that you, sometimes, want to try new routes, and at other times, the old route just seemed right. But either way, if you stay or go, at least now you know what else might be out there. Instead of just taking things for granted.

What is wrong with the world? It cannot be that we have not asked this question enough? What is the answer?

Faulty Reasoning. No more, no less.

War, poverty, avarice, genocide, murder, torture, bigotry, patriotism. These are all banes of the existence of mankind. And each and every one of them can be traced back to faulty reasoning.


Really? After being “civilized” now for how long? After a self-professed “Dark Ages” period and then experiencing an “Enlightenment” era, we STILL cannot find a way to resolve our differences with out killing each other? How much better are we than cave men in that respect? How are we better than animals? How are we better than a virus? After all the wars, and deaths, and babies dying or orphaned, why can’t we be through with war? I am not a hippy love peace blah blah blah, I love guns, they are fun, for skeet, and target practice, but my issue is more of—it ISN’T working. Killing people has never stopped the killing of people. It is unreasonable to continue that path. It never ends. Ever. Until we say that is enough, let’s try something else, like diplomacy, or sharing our food with starving people instead of dropping bombs on innocent bystanders.


HA. Wall street jerks pissed away enough money to feed the whole world Big Macs. There is so much faulty reasoning from bottom to top, and side to side. How did they get that opportunity? Why is it affecting MY taxes? How did we get so screwed, and how are they even looking us in the eye? It doesn’t make sense. It is retarded.

Et. Al.

All the ails of this world return home to faulty reasoning. The greedy think its ok to rob the old, and the soldier thinks its ok to kill for God or Allah, ironic, ain’t it? The bigot thinks hate makes him superior and the patriot fails to see that the world is round and boundaries are illusions. And karma is a bitch.

So anyone I meet, that I enjoy speaking with, is someone who I think has spent some time thinking about why they believe what they do. It is very telling. Some are just trying on new ideas, and may become defensive when challenged, but that is good. There are times in all of our lives, where we are more angry than we are smart, but it is important to use that anger to become educated, it gives the anger more credence, and the energy you channel will be more focused.

But it is important, not for arguments sake, but for each and everyone’s own good to be able to defend one’s own personal position, because it is very easy, if you do not understand why you believe what you believe, then you will be far more susceptible to influence which can be the cornerstone of faulty reasoning. No one should take my word for it. This is just simply my philosophy, purely opinion, not a prescription. It is just what I have noticed along the way.


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