Here’s a challenge.

To all you “freedom fighters” enlisted in the armed forces, representing “America’s Interests”, how about fighting for my freedom—here.

If you truly believe in ‘freedom’, then you must realize that an overturn of Roe v. Wade is an infringement on my, our, freedom of choice.

And if you think everyone deserves freedom, then you obviously have raised your voice to ensure no ban on gay marriage ever happen.

I am not asking you to pick up a gun. I am not asking you to kill anyone. All you must do in this fight is to speak up for what is right, universal freedom. If you really care about freedom, then you would never cast a ballot for the party, or vote for a bill, that has all but erased our freedom over the last few years. The patriot act, bush doctrine, darth cheney, all have taken my freedoms away.

So if you really care about freedom, why not start here, in America? Why not ensure that a woman has domain over her body, and everyone is free to love whom they love? Because if you can’t ensure freedom to us, the ones who pay your salary with funds (taxes) sent to the military industrial complex, then when you put on your uniform and tell yourself you are a hero, you will be in reality, nothing but a fake and a phony.

I want MY freedom. If what we have going on here, us being the 3rd most surveilled country in the world, wiretapping, threats to freedom of choice, threats to the inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness, if you are trying to spread THAT ‘democracy’ and ‘FREEDOM’ around, you need to realize you are full of shit.

So either you are for freedom, or you are for ‘freedom with limitations’ pending your approval and bias in regards to manufactured moral outrage possible. And if you have no desire to ensure our rights and freedoms here, then you have no business going and blowing the shit out of brown people to satisfy your hero complex to compensate for your lack of creativity in conflict resolution.

Goddammit, people, ‘civilization’ has been going on for a long time, 10K+ years, how is it that we are not yet evolved enough to resolve our issues without killing and instead, through reasonable communication? The fact that war still exists, tells me that mankind is lazy and pathetic. We have the resources and mental capacity to get along. Why the f@#k don’t we?

You know who you are. If you aren’t going to guarantee my freedom, then I hardly see how you could possibly divulge the wonders of freedom to anyone else.

Clean up your own back yard….


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